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director:  Bea Lemaster
music directors: Lilah Grace Elnaggar and Queen Hamilton
choreographers: Whitney Green and Isabella Gardner

stage managers:  Aidan Wunderley and Molly Crary
scenic designer:  Bristol Barnes
asst. scenic designer: Kelsey Beckett

lighting designer:  Bootsie Baldwin
costume designers:  Stef Amezcua, Mahdiyah Elijah-Eli, and                                        Lily Lombardi
sound designer:  Chris Warzynski
puppetry designer: Tippy Trombley
properties designer: William Caretto

photographer:  Bristol Barnes and Max Meyers
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The scenic design for this show was made from almost entirely sustainable materials such as thrifted fabrics to assemble the drop, thrifted benches, recycled cardboard for the walls, and borrowed materials for the overall assembly. This show was made in collaboration with
College of Charleston's Chapter of the Broadway Green Alliance. 
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image research
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preliminary rendering
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