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 film portfolio 

Crash [Cymbal] premiered at the 2023 CofC Student Film Festival and was self-produced by Bristol Barnes.
Director - Bristol Barnes
Story by - Bristol Barnes
Director of Photography - Max Meyers
Editors - Bristol Barnes and Madison Berry
Weight was a produced by the College of Charleston Film Club and premiered at the 2022 CofC Student Film Festival, placing 2nd place in the competition. 
Director - Bristol Barnes
Screenwriter - Peyton Brotzman
Director of Photography - Keller Hollingsworth
Assistant Director - Max Meyers
Editor - Keller Hollingsworth
Camp Sciote Ipsum: Knots was created for a Stagecraft I class project to exhibit different knots used in theatre.
Direct0r - Bristol Barnes
Screenwriter - Lilah Grace Elnaggar
Editor - Max Meyers
Bristol works as the Production Supervisor for Cistern Yard Video, a media organization that creates content on the College of Charleston campus. Here is a mini documentary she helped direct about College of Charleston Center Stage's 2022 production of The Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast.

film resume

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