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SotS 3.jpg
director:  Joey Kirkman
stage manager:  Mikaela Phillips
scenic designer:  Bristol Barnes
projections designer: Mary Hope Ballou

lighting designer:  Alex Jones and Kate Yarbray
costume designer:  Mattie Davis
sound designer:  Eli Salas
photographer:  Annie Morraye
SotS 1.jpg
image research
shiny halls.jpg
treehouse image reference 3.jpg
Treehuts_ Photo.jpg
Image about vintage in aesthetic; by Dearneas.jpg
Middle school, 6th to 9th and high school is 10th to 12th.jpg
CamScanner 04-29-2022 13.03_1.jpg
initial sketches
the original concept was to combine all of the locations into ths backwall in a collage style. throughout the design process, this developed into the treehouse being the primary location because of how it serves as "homebase" for the characters throughout the story. the collage aspect turned into having set dressing being flyers, pictures, drawings and other papers that belong to the other locations in the show, with a window of the treehouse having a projection screen in it showing the other locations.
CamScanner 04-29-2022 13.03_2.jpg
CamScanner 04-29-2022 13.03_3.jpg
CamScanner 04-29-2022 13.03_4.jpg
final rendering
wood paint elevations.JPG
paint texture inspirations
CamScanner 04-29-2022 13.03_5.jpg
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